Dear Reader, sorry I’m late

I say that a lot. I first thought about writing a food (and stuff) blog about three years ago but never got past the thought stage. It’s so easy to just dream about food……..and for that reason I won’t promise to share recipes, stories or ideas on a regular basis, rather on an as-and-when-I-get-the-time/feel inspired/actually finish something/willy-nilly sort of basis.

After writing twenty-five (non-consecutive) pages of the novel I have no hope of finishing here I am again on page one, still not quite ready {after yesterday’s pistachio slice experiment – the  slices shapes tasted wonderful and looked like a dog’s dinner – I had no choice but to devour all evidence} but….

… a couple of days ago I visited London’s Earl’s Court to attend the Ideal Home Show – my first visit in almost twenty years and my friend Di’s idea (I think she just wanted to meet somebody famous – where were you Greg Wallace?!) Now gadgets, sofas and solar panels don’t do much for me (I mostly like vintage) but I did enjoy the display of cakes created by some super-talented folk for the 2012 Ideal Cake Decorator Of The Year competion – this year’s theme, Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. I wanted to share them.

I fear these pages will end up a bit cake-heavy and for that I apologise to the collective waistline…..but…..’tis a perfect place to start…..so until our first proper date…..some of those Ideal cake creations …